What’s this party for?

The kids.
This is not a drinking, brew-anything. This is for the kids, families, and people who want the magic of Halloween to happen without the danger of cars and those looking for a street party. If you are looking for a beer-drenched throwdown, then this is not the party you are seeking. The street will be closed from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.


thrillerWhere do I park?

That’s a biggie. We suggest parking at the park at the end of Vermont at the West Asheville Park (accessible from Davenport Road off of Brevard Road) or along Haywood Rd. We are not going to lie, it’s a parking nightmare. Expect it (what Halloween wouldn’t be with out one …muuaahahahahaaaa) Cue: Thriller.
Bikes and walking are very encouraged.


Who is running this operation, where is my money going to?

This is a 100% neighborhood volunteer operation. Every penny goes to the residents of Vermont Avenue and the surrounding streets to make this event happen. There is a cost for getting a permit from the City, Barricade rental, Facebook Advertising, printing flyers and that’s about it.


zombie_sleepWhat happens after 9pm, when the barricades come down?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Please don’t expect anything more. The residents have the choice to close up, turn lights off or rock on with their own private party. After 9pm, if you are not specifically invited into a residents party, then please go up to Haywood Road, where the big stuff is getting going.  Thank you, Brew Pump! But seriously, be mindful of the residents.

Any other questions please email