2016 Halloween

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Parking on side streets is limited and discouraged. Parking is suggested at West Asheville Park or along Haywood Rd. Better yet, walk or bike! Visitors should plan to park outside the closure.


Most of Vermont Avenue (open Google Map) and parts of side streets will be closed to car traffic (see roads shown in black on the map). As always, barricades are manned to allow access to EMS vehicles.


The City requires the resident traffic into/out of the “Closed” area be limited to emergencies and special needs. Westgate Rd has been added as “closed to through traffic” by the City of Asheville to create a safer traffic flow (access available for residents and EMS).

Barricades will go up at 5:30pm and come down at 9pm.

At closing, residents will no longer be handing out candy (they will likely be out of candy before 9pm!) and are welcomed to turn out the lights and call it a night.

Happy Halloween!!